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Technical Assistance Facility for the Clean Ocean Initiative in Sub-Saharan Afri...
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Clarification questions: Clean Ocean Initiative
1) In the ITT, ‘3. Technical capacity of the tenderer’ the selection criteria mentions a reference period of both 3 years: ‘The reference period which will be taken into account will be the last three years from submission deadline’ and 5 years: ‘The tenderer (individual company or consortium altogether) has implemented, during the last 5 years.’ Please can you confirm if the reference period for technical capacity is 3 or 5 years? 2) In section 7. Content of tenders, it mentions that we must submit one original, however, there is no reference in the ITT to how many copies of the bid need submitting. Please can you confirm if we need to submit copies, if so how many, (and a copy on CD/ USB) as well as the original submission? 3) Section ‘6. Experience’ of the Service Tender Submission Form, does not specify the number of references to include: ‘The number of references to be provided must not exceed < number > for the entire application.’ Should this be 15 as with a standard submission?
The reference period for the projects is 5 years. One original hardcopy and an electronic version should be submitted. The maximum number of references to be presented as requested under 3a and 3b in Section 5 of the Instructions to Tenderers is 15 in total.