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Proof of social security scheme for natural person
§ 2.11.1 of the Tender Specifications states that (page 21 – “Tenderer’s identification”) “If the tenderer is a natural person, he or she must provide a copy of the identity card or passport and proof that he or she is covered by the social security scheme as self-employed person” (emphasis added). Always at page 21, under “Financial identification”, the Tender Specifications also require “2. For natural persons, where applicable, a proof of registration on a professional or trade register or any other official document showing the registration number” (emphasis added). In the case of natural persons who are not self-employed persons but employees of a certain entity (e.g. University), and who join the study team as free-lance experts (i.e. without any subcontracting involving the reference entity, e.g. the University), what kind of proof must be provided with reference to the two aforementioned requirements?
As the above mentioned documents are requested for the tenderers and for partners in a consortium, your question should clarify whether you are in one of those cases. However, experts who are not individual tenderers, leading tenderers or partners in a consortium, or subcontractors undertaking more than 20% of the work by value, should not submit any documents in the offer as they would not have direct legal commitment with the EASME but with the tenderer (if he is awarded the contract).