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Technical Assistance Facility for the Clean Ocean Initiative in Sub-Saharan Afri...
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Clarification Questions: Technical Assistance Facility for the Clean Ocean Initiative
1. The Contract Notice (ref 2019/S 182-442060) at Section II 1.4 states that “The purpose of this assignment is to identify, prepare and support the implementation of technically, financially, economically, environmentally and socially sound investment projects in Sub-Saharan Africa*” with the corresponding asterisked footnote stating “*With the exception of South Africa”. The ToR does not refer to this exclusion of South Africa from the assignment’s scope. Please clarify South Africa’s status within COPIP Programme scope. 2. ToR paragraph 4.1.1 states (our emphasis): “The Consultant shall prepare a pipeline of a minimum of 20 projects with potential for financing in the eligible sectors. Out of the initial 20 projects, a minimum of 10 projects will be subject to pre-feasibility studies and submitted for approval and selection of a minimum of 5 pilot projects, for which feasibility studies and related documentation will be prepared by the Consultant”. ToR paragraph 4.2.4 states (our emphasis): “With the goal to test new approaches to collection and valorising plastics identified as components in the feasibility studies, and to build awareness and commitment in host communities, the Consultant shall carry out one small scale pilot project in each of the selected five projects subject to feasibility studies.” Please confirm the sequencing of the pilot projects, i.e. is the Consultant to select five pilot projects for which Feasibility Studies are to be prepared (ToR §4.1.1), or is the Consultant to carry out five pilot projects within the parameters of the five selected Feasibility Studies (ToR §4.2.4)?
As indicated in the Contract Notice, projects in South Africa are not eligible under this programme.