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Technical Assistance Facility for the Clean Ocean Initiative in Sub-Saharan Afri...
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Further Clarification question: Clean Oceans
The document ‘Annex V: Budget’ requests that tenderers provide a price breakdown based on the outputs/deliverables in the Terms of Reference. The below table maps the deliverables defined in the ToR against the Annex V budget items, and the eligible incidental expenditure defined in the ToR. ToR Deliverables for Global Pricing, Annex V Budget Item, ToR Incidentals §4.2.1 – Identification (20 fiches), Item a No (?), §4.2.2 – Prefeasibility studies (10) Item b No (?) §4.2.3 – Feasibility studies (2+3), Items c and d, No (?) §4.2.4 – Pilot projects (5), Not a budget item, Yes §4.2.5 - Lessons learnt, Not a budget item, Partial (e.g. workshops) §4.2.6 – Communication, Not a budget item, Yes §4.2.7 - M&E, Not a budget item, Partial (e.g. workshops) Question: How are the fees and the costs-from-fees related to the last four ToR deliverables (§4.2.4 - §4.2.7) covered in the budget of Annex V? If these fees/costs are not part of any budget items (a, b, c, or d), can they then be charged under Incidental Expenditure?
All expenditures that are not described under Section 6.6 of the Terms of Reference as eligible incidental expenditures, but required to reach the expected results shall be included in the prices a, b, c and d.