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Technical Assistance Facility for the Clean Ocean Initiative in Sub-Saharan Afri...
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Conflict of interest in future tenders
The consultant will do at least 20 project fiches, 10 pre-feasibility studies and 5 feasibility studies with TOR for the next phase. Can EIB confirm that the consultant will only be excluded from work defined by the TORs that have to be produced by the consultant as part of the Feasibility Studies. In other words, can EIB confirm that preparation of project fiches and pre-feasibility studies under this project will not, in itself, be considered a cause for conflict of interest in future tenders?
Out of the 10 pre-feasibility, 5 will be subject to a feasibility study. If at a later stage, and outside the scope of this contract, a decision is taken to prepare feasibility studies based on any of the 5 remaining pre-feasibility studies, the Consultant would not be eligible to bid for such tender.