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Supply of Ventilated Pressurised Single Use Suits for Highly Contaminated Facili...
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Karlsruhe (JRC-KRU)
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Items over the 4 years
Can you confirm the number of 1000 items and a maximum amount of € 200.000,00 over the 4 years?
The JRC has established a scenario of the use of approx. 250 units per year, based on past experiences and the estimated future needs. Variations in the JRC’s work programme or Decommissioning activities can lead to an increase or decrease of the number of protective suits needed. Consequently, the number of items is orientative; the maximum amount is the threshold that cannot be exceeded. Please, also notice Art. I.5.1 of the contract: “The maximum amount covering all purchases under this FWC, including all renewals is EUR 200.000,00 EUR (Two hundred thousand EUR), excluding VAT. However, this does not bind the contracting authority to purchase for the maximum amount” and Point 1.6 of the Administrative Annex “A framework contract establishes a mechanism for future repetitive purchases by the Contracting authority to be awarded in the form of specific contracts. The signature of a framework contract does not impose an obligation on the Contracting authority to conclude specific contracts with a framework contractor”.