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European Commission, DG Energy (ENER)
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Involvement of a market research institute
We would need to include a market research institute which probably will receive more than 20 % of the contract value, but their capacity won't be necessary to fulfill the selection criteria. According to our internal rules we will have to issue an invitation to tender for this service. Therefore we can't promise that we will be able to include a certain market research institute in this bid, because we will have to commission / contract the institute which offers the best value for money according to the call for bids. Would it be possible to mention possible market research institute(s) in the proposal and describe that we will have to choose the one which wins the call for tenders? Will we be allowed to subcontract the chosen market research institute, as the Tender Specification say that additional subcontracting will be subject to prior written approval of the Contracting Authority. Do we need to ask the above mentioned potential market research institute(s) to send us the administrative documents (e.g. declaration of honour etc.) even though we can't promise them that we would choose them?
According to section 1.5 of the Tender specifications, tenderers are required to identify the subcontractors whose share of the contract is above 20 % even if their capacity is not necessary to fulfil the selection criteria. Thus, it is necessary to submit the administrative documents.