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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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In document AA-010317-003- ToRs for lot 3, on page 12, chapter 6.1.1
Similar experience is required in the preparation of the tender documentation and / or technical proposals for at least 2 service contracts. Please clarify: a. The term of contracts only appears for lot 3, while for the other lots it refers to projects or assignments. Please clarify if you are considering service contracts or you are considering projects/assignments which include service contracts? b. Does the term of contracts refer to the one signed by the expert or the one signed by the contracting authority with the winner of the procurement procedure? c. What values will be considered: (i) the values of the contracts awarded or (ii) the values of the projects to which they contributed or (iii) the estimated values of the procurement procedure for the award of these contracts?
The answers below refer to the experience in the preparation of tender documents and/or technical proposals for service contracts. Re. point a): The service contracts are considered as either stand alone ones, or included as distinctive contracts in multi-contract projects. Re. point b): The term "contract" refers to the contract for the preparation of which the proposed expert provided the services. Re. point c): The estimated values of the contracts forming the subject matter of tenders will be considered.