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Country report on technical textiles in Brazil, Japan, South Korea and the Unite...
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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Applicant team structure (Q1)
The applying legal unit on our side (also called ‘the lead office’) is a EU based registered and operative company. The mother company (majority shareholder) of the lead office is headquartered in a non EU country (Switzerland). The mother company has – apart from the lead office - subsidiaries in Switzerland as well as around the world (all those are called “sister companies” of the lead office). The applying EU legal unit (the lead office) will not only manage the project from an administrative point of view (being the responsible counterpart of EASME regarding the contemplated mission) but will also take over the day to day project leadership of the contemplated study as it (the lead office) is in any case the world wide head of all technical textile and chemical fiber activities of the Group. However: The Sister companies will also need to be involved in the contemplated mission and thus become a subcontractor of the EU lead office (supplying the corresponding forms and information to EASME if individually receiving more than 20% of project funds). Question : Does this structure constitute a problem for EASME when awarding the contract ?
Tenderers from Switzerland as per the Tender Specifications (point 2.1 - Eligibility ) are not eligible as leader and/or partner in a consortium. This does not apply to subcontractors.