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Country report on technical textiles in Brazil, Japan, South Korea and the Unite...
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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Applicant team structure (Q2)
In the course of work on the contemplated mission a larger team of consultants (of EU and non EU nationality) will be engaged on the mission (in parallel to the staff of the lead office) constituted by a) employees of “sister companies” (EU and non EU nationals) of the Group as well as b) textile experts (independent consultants) associated with the group. Question a: Does this ‘EU and non EU’ as well as ‘employed and independent expert’ consultant structure constitute a problem for EASME when awarding the contract ? Question b: Given the global scope of the mission and the envisaged international consultant team in the end a majority of funds from the contemplated project might be paid out by the EU lead office as compensation for work carried out to non EU legal units or to (EU and non EU) independent experts involved in running the mission. Does this constitute a problem for EASME when awarding the mission ?
a) The nationality of the experts and/or its employees is not relevant b) The tenderers must indicate clearly in their methodology, which parts of the work will be sub-contracted, and the identity of all subcontractors undertaking more than 20% of the work by value. In case an important/considerable part of the work is being subcontracted, EASME might require more detailed information and on a case by case might decide not to award the contract.