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Tenderers are requested to note that the closing date for submission of tenders has been extended to 26/05/2020 at 12:00 and the opening of tenders will now take place on 27/05/2020 at 14:00.
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European Medicines Agency (EMA)
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Lot 1 - Award Criteria - Criterion 5 - MDM Current APIs
1. Could you provide us with a description of these APIs (list, domain, sample of contracts,…)? 2. How many CRUD APIs are currently supported by the MDM system? 3. What are the O&R and S&P APIs as described in the "MDM target state"? 4. Are these SOAP- or REST-based APIs? Is there any mutual TLS/Certificates/VPN involved 5. Are all these APIs synchronous or are some async? Is there any "batch" async APIs? 6. Are these APIs "off-the-shelf" API provided by Informatica or custom-built APIs? 7. Are the "requests for changes on MDM entities" also implemented as APIs? 8. How many "client" systems are consuming these APIs? Only EMA applications? 9. What is the current volumetry of the CRUD API calls and what is the % of read API calls? 10. How are these APIs currently hosted? Within the Informatica system? Using a separate Web server? Which technologies? 11. Will the API mgmt layer reside between the WebUI component listed in the "MDM target state"?
1. Please assume that the public APIs are RESTful services in level 3 of Richardson maturity, the exact specification is not relevant in the context of the award criteria; 2. If you consider that the number of resources and operations is architecturally relevant, please document an assumption; 3. “MDM target state” is lot 2 specific, criterion 5 of lot 1 does not necessarily have to be aligned with that architecture. In any case, those are 4 different domains managed by the MDM at the moment; 4. See point 1; 5. They are custom built APIs that make use of MDM SOAP and REST services for communication with the backend; 6. Yes; 7. The APIs are potentially public; 8. 1,000 concurrent users must be supported with a response time of 5 seconds. You may document how many API calls that translates into. You can assume that the vast majority of calls are reads; 9. See point 5, Please document any other assumption; 10.See point 3