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Call for Expressions of Interest to be Part of the List of Vendors to be Invited...
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European Commission, DG Trade (TRADE)
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Invitation to tender
We have just read in one of the Q&As that one company is preparing an expression of interest for a specific tender. We have not been contacted once and we have expressed interest in all sublist. As mentioned in the text in the call " will invite all the vendors on list of the lot(s) to submit either a tender (procedure in 1 step) or a request to participate followed by a tender (procedure in 2 steps)" How can be possible that we have not received any invitation? is there any extra action apart from submitting an express of interest that should be done in other to get contacted for a specific tender? Thank you in advance
Today the first and only invitation to tender was sent out to all economic operators that were registered on the list of vendors by today 12.00 CET