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Enhancing the Attractiveness of European Higher Education: Study in Europe
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European Commission, DG Education,Youth, Sport and Culture (EAC)
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Tender specifications 2.5.2. – Maintain content for a Study in Europe portal site
The tender specifications state that by early 2021, there will have been a platform migration to Drupal 8. Is the designing and developing of the stand-alone site part of the work to be carried out by the successful tenderer or does the project indeed only carry out maintenance? Is the migration of the stand-alone site to Drupal 8 also seen as one of the tasks within the tender?
To clarify, the successful tenderer will not need to design and develop a stand-alone website for the Study in Europe project. The migration of the website to Drupal 8 and its technical maintenance will be performed by the European Commission. The successful tenderer will need to ensure the editorial maintenance of the site by providing and updating content. Any proposed changes to the design or structure of the website, if relevant, would need to be agreed with the Commission.