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AO 10783 ‘Provision of services related to the Business Continuity Plan for Publ...
Contracting authority:
Publications Office of the European Union (OP)
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Time limit for receipt of tenders:
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Question details
Request to participate, submission.
In accordance with the Invitation letter, the documents for the first stage of the tender must be received by the contracting authority till 10.06.2020, 16:00, correct? In addition, all documents (original with copies, and flash drives) must be placed in one envelope together, and then in another one?
The Request to Participate must be received by the contracting authority until 10.06.2020, 16:00 if it is delivered in person at the Publications Office premises (2, rue Mercier, Luxembourg). If the Request to Participate is sent out by post or courier service it has to be posted by 24:00 CEST on 10/06/2020. All documents and USB flash drives must be placed in an inner envelope marked as indicated in the Invitation letter [CALL FOR TENDERS – NOT TO BE OPENED BY THE INTERNAL MAIL DEPARTMENT (…)] and that inner envelope must be placed in another, outer envelope with the postal address of the Publications Office.