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European Commission, DG Energy (ENER)
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Clarification on criteria relating to tenderers (section 4.2.4. a. of the tender)
We would be grateful if you could clarify what the statement issued by the client should contain. Should the tendered provide a statement issued by the client if the client is the European Commission DG Research or would it be valid to send a document from the EC portal showing that the tenderer carried out the relevant project during the time period, with the specific sum and dates? Thank you in advance for this clarification.
For Selection Criteria 4.2.4 a., Criterion A1, the evidence required is “the tenderer must provide references for at least two projects cumulatively covering these fields and delivered in the last three years with a minimum value for each project of € 50 000.” There is no need for the tenderer to provide a “statement issued by the client”. It is expected that the tenderer provides “references” for projects, which will allow the Commission to assess the tenderer’s experience in the field. If the mentioned document from the portal contains all required information on the relevant projects, including subject of the projects, time lines, values of the projects, and their relevance to the field, it may be sufficient to provide this document.