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Please note that Section 6.5 of the Annex 4 - Terms of Reference - has been slightly amended. Therefore, the deadline for receipt of tenders has been extended until 10/07/2020. If possible, please send electronic documents scanned with OCR (optical character recognition) on. Thank you!
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TERMS OF REFERENCE: paragraph: 6.6 Estimated value of the Framework Agreement
For the last 3 years of Services, the Service Provider should be able to apply annual indexation rates based on consumer price index in the IT market (supported by Eurostat or equivalent publication) and possibly cover currency exchanges if the Service Provider procures services in a different currency.” What is the formula to be used to calculate the indexation for last 3 years?
EIF authorises the increase probably indexed on consumer price index. An average of this last index for the 5 last 10 years may be used as an estimate for calculation, for instance, if in year 4 price is p4, I is average index for 5 last years (e.g., I is to be read 1,02 if index is increasing by 2% over the last 5 years), then max price for p5 should be p5=I*p4 the max p6 =I*p5…