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Enhancing the Attractiveness of European Higher Education: Study in Europe
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European Commission, DG Education,Youth, Sport and Culture (EAC)
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Joint tenders
We plan to submit a tender as a consortium composed of a group of international partners. One partner will be merged with other similar organizations of his country to become a newly created governmental agency during the procurement procedure (after the submission deadline and before contract signature). The competencies, budget and staff of the consortium partner will be transferred to the newly created agency and all the task assigned to that partner in the tender will be taken over by the new entity. Updated supporting documents can be provided once the merger has taken place. Can you confirm that this is a valid procedure?
Reference to the planned changes should be made in the offer. If the consortium is awarded the contract, the European Commission will then contact the applicant to provide additional information for the selection. At that point any changes to the legal nature and entity of applicants or members of the applicant consortium in the intervening period should be fully described. If supporting documents are requested, these should provide a view of the new legal entity. This exchange of information will not permit any changes to the offer’s operations or price.