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Pilot Project on the Revitalisation of Cross-border Night Trains
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European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE)
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Question details
Paragraph 3.2 of the Scope
Regarding the contract, the list of services at paragraph 3.2 of the Scope are said to be non-exhaustive and require the contractor, in discussion with the Commission, to calculate offers that in the course of the study at least one additional element will emerge and need analysing and the range of stakeholders to be interviewed can be extended. This leaves the contractor with an open-ended scope in a fixed-price contract. Can the Commission provide some clarity as to what the additional element may consist of?
The tenderer should calculate in their offer that in the course of the study, as a result of desk study or interviews, at least one additional element will emerge and would need analysing. During contract execution the consultant and the contracting authority will jointly decide on the level resources to be allocated to this additional element, taking into account the offer of the consultant and the relevance of the element.