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Service Contract Regarding Technical Support for the Deployment of ERTMS
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European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE)
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Clarification of definition
In the tender specification section 4.2, the criteria sought includes “experience in the field of ….with at least 3 projects delivered in this field.” Further, in 4.2.4, the same phrasing is used for the criterion and evidence. Can you kindly clarify what is meant by the “in this field”. For example, in the case of criterion A2, does it mean programme management experience in at least 3 ERTMS projects, or simply programme management in 3 projects in any discipline. Similarly for A4, economic expertise in 3 ERTMS projects or simply economic expertise for transport in 3 relevant projects etc.
In section 4.2, all Evidence refers to the specific Criterion Therefore, with regard to Criterion A.1 on ERTMS, in Evidence A1 “in this field” refers to ERTMS Similarly, with regard to Criterion A.2 on Project Management, in Evidence A2 “in this field” refers to Project Management The same applies to the other Criteria and respective evidence, mutatis mutandis.