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The Role of Micro-credentials in Facilitating Learning for Employment
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European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop)
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Subcontractors documents
In the tender specifications p. 25 there is a requirement to identify subcontractors only above 10 %, following the sentence that other subcontractors, fulfilling the selection criteria also must be identified and they must submit documents, relevant for identification. However in the Annex H the required documents submission checklist only mentions the subcontractors over 10%. Could you please clarify whether you require, that an external expert, proposed as one of the eight national experts, will be considered as identified subcontractor, which needs to be: included in the tender portal, sigh declaration of honour, letter of intent and fill in financial statement? Thank you in advance
It is up to the tenderer to decide (depending on the contractual relationship with an external expert and depending on the national legislation) whether he/she is a freelancer/external expert or a subcontractor (point 3.2 - 4th paragraph and point 4.2 of the tender specifications). If he/she is considered a freelancer external expert you need to submit his/her CV and the letter of intent in Annex J(b). If he/she is considered a subcontractor above 10% you need to submit his/her CV, the letter of intent in Annex J(a) and the declaration of honour in Annex C. If the total subcontracting is above 40% you have to submit the said documents for all subcontractors (regardless of their percentage). Any other evidence of the selection criteria must be submitted by the subcontractor(s) only if the tenderer or the consortium alone cannot fulfil a specific requirement and needs the support/evidence of the subcontractor to fulfil it.