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European Commission, DG Research and Innovation (RTD)
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technical tender content and hypothetical scenario
We understand you want to select in the present framework a firm that covers a wide range of skills in the areas as described in and and again as 3.2.1. However, in the clarifications questions dated 11/3 on hypothetical scenario, it is said in the responses that the technical tender must be based in the hypothetical scenario described in section 3.3. the level of detail of the tender should be presented as if it was a classical specific contract. 1- Does this means that the overall technical is the hypothetical case? 2- If yes- all award criteria 2.4 are applicable only to the hypothical case as well as the financial proposal? 3- If not – how the hypothetical case is evaluated overall in the tender as per award criteria 2.4?
The selection criteria in points and concern the capacity of the tenderers in terms of the different scopes to be covered. Point 3.2.1 is a description of the areas of the tasks to be carried out under the Framework Contract. The purpose of the hypothetical scenario of section 3.3 is to evaluate and compare the offers. The award criteria 1 and 2 refer to this hypothetical scenario and the award criteria 3 refer to the global scope of the contract