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The Role of Micro-credentials in Facilitating Learning for Employment
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European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop)
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Documentary evidence for non-exclusion criteria
In the tender specifications, p. 19, there is a requirement to provide documentary evidence of the declaration of honour, point VI. If natural person fill in the declaration of honour, what kind of document he/she should provide as an evidence to the Annex C, point VI? Many thanks in advance
In the 2nd paragraph of point 3.1 (page 19) it is stated that only in the event of recommendation for contract award such evidence will be requested. That means that before contract signature Cedefop will request evidence from the winning tenderer or the winning consortium. Such evidence may be also requested for subcontractors in case their contribution percentage in the proposal is considered as high. The evidence requested can be found in the below extract from Annex C point VI where also reference to natural persons is made: For situations described in (a), (c), (d), (f), (g) and (h), production of a recent extract from the judicial record is required or, failing that, an equivalent document recently issued by a judicial or administrative authority in the country of establishment of the person showing that those requirements are satisfied. For the situation described in point (b), production of recent certificates issued by the competent authorities of the State concerned are required. These documents must provide evidence covering all taxes and social security contributions for which the person is liable, including for example, VAT, income tax (natural persons only), company tax (legal persons only) and social security contributions. Where any document described above is not issued in the country concerned, it may be replaced by a sworn statement made before a judicial authority or notary or, failing that, a solemn statement made before an administrative authority or a qualified professional body in its country of establishment.