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The Role of Micro-credentials in Facilitating Learning for Employment
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European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop)
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External experts and subcontractors
Referring to your answer 1, could you please explain the distinction between an external expert or a subcontractor. As far as we understand external expert is a subcontractor. Therefore the question is whether this expert, who will act as a natural person for the role of National expert, will need to sign a declaration of honour, Questionaire 2 and be identified in the eTendering portal? Yes/No answers would be much appreciated.
The distinction between a free-lancer external expert and a free-lancer subcontractor depends on the national legislation of the country of the tenderer as well as on the agreement (contractual relationship or not) between the tenderer and the free-lancer. In most cases, external experts are considered subcontractors but in some countries there is a differentiation. So depending on how the tenderers present the free-lancer in their proposal, they will have to provide the following documents (already stated also in answer Nr 1): For external experts: their CV and a letter of intent as per Annex J(b). For subcontractors: their CV and a letter of intent as per Annex J(a). In addition only for subcontractors undertaking more than 10% you need to submit also a declaration of honour as per Annex C (or if total subcontracting is more than 40% for you have to submit the declaration in Annex C for all subcontractors). Questionnaire 2 should not be filled in by subcontractors/external experts unless the tenderer needs their economic and financial capacity to fulfil the requirement stated in point 3.2.1 of the tender specifications. In the ‘eSubmission’ portal you have to declare only the subcontractors.