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Evidence of economic and financial capacity
Our company has been established less than one year ago (September 2011). The persons involved have a long track record in the maritime industry, and we have a positive balance. However, in the tender documents it is mandatory under 5.2.2 to prove financial capability of the company over the past two years. This is clearly impossible. Can we still submit a proposal or are we excluded?
According to article 5.2.2 of tender specifications "All tenderers must provide proof of their economic and financial capacity … of the last two years ... If, for some exceptional reason which the Commission considers justified, a tenderer is unable to provide one or other of the above documents, he or she may prove his or her economic and financial capacity by any other document which the Commission considers appropriate. In any case, the Commission must at least be notified of the exceptional reason and its justification in the tender. The Commission reserves the right to request any other document enabling it to verify the tenderer's economic and financial capacity"