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Call for Tenders No. EEA/COM/15/004 – Presentation of the tender
Tender Specifications, page 2 of 12 “Tenders …… and submitted in triplicate (one signed original unbound and two copies)” i) Our understanding is that the submission of a signed cover letter for each tender envelope along with the signed tender forms is adequate. There is no need to sign every page of the tender. Please confirm. ii) To avoid possible misplacement or mix up of the contents of the original tender, are tenderers allowed to submit the original and the copies of their proposal in ring binders/dossiers that allow easy removal of their contents?
i) Tenders shall consist of all the documents listed in section 2 to the tender specifications divided according to the following three sections: Administrative section (envelope No 1), technical offer (envelope No 2) and financial offer (envelope No 3). Hence each envelope shall consist of one signed original plus two copies. There is no need to sign every page of the tender, however, it is important that all forms are signed (one original and two copies) and supporting evidence is included (one original and two copies). ii) According to section 2 of the tender specifications, tenders shall be submitted in triplicate, the original (unbound) and two copies that may be submitted in ring binders/dossiers, however, it is recommended that tenders are submitted in an environmentally friendly way (see section 13 of the tender specifications, Environmental considerations, page 12 of 12).