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Awareness raising and preparation of the programming and implementation of the C...
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European Commission, DG ENV+CLIMA
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English (en)
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Clarification questions – Tender: CLIMA.A.2/ETU/2012/0015 -Awareness raising and preparation of the programming and implementation of the Climate Action sub-programme in the post-2013 LIFE instrument
5. Is it correct that the regional and NCPs workshops will be held in English and no simultaneous interpretation or translation of materials should be included in the contractor’s budget?
The Commission will not fund interpretation and therefore the language of the workshops in Member States is English. For the workshop in Brussels with NCPs the Commission may be able to arrange interpretation. However, there are some language services that Commission can provide due to its pre-existing contracts. As it is outlined in the tender: " For other promotional material, such as a leaflet (approximately 500-1000 copies) and a poster, the Contractor will be responsible for the drafting (in English), editing and layout of high quality ready-to-print texts and images, as well as a corresponding PDF file for web-publication. The printing will be covered by the Commission and is not part of this tender. The Commission will also provide the translation services, so the leaflets can be disseminated in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish."