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conflict of interest
With reference to page 22 "criterion and evidence nr. 6 " of the tender specifications, is it considered a conflict of interest the participation of an accreditation body to this procedure if the accreditation body will remain extraneous to the tasks 1 and 4 and to the overall project management, limiting as a consequence its role to the other tasks?
The purpose of Criterion A6 is to avoid any situation of conflicting interests. This is particularly important where a party involved in the implementation of relevant EU legislation (e.g. as a verifier or accreditation body) would also be involved in carrying out the required checks of that implementation. In order to ensure impartiality and reliability of the assessment, an accreditation body shall not be involved in any way in assessing how accreditation bodies carry out their tasks and obligations in the MRV system. It is up to the candidates to decide whether they are in a situation of conflict of interest. The eventuality of the conflict of interest will be evaluated by the evaluation committee set up to that effect after the opening of the offers.