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The Role of Micro-credentials in Facilitating Learning for Employment
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European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop)
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Clarification on requested originals
Could you please confirm that you do not request for the Declarations on Honour to be provided in original after the submission deadline at this stage? Furthermore, could we please confirm with you whether the tender report must indeed be signed (as specified in Annex F), having in mind that recent submissions have shown changes to the e-tendering portal - it now seems to generate a report which is not available to download and upload back up as a signed document.
Your understanding is correct, you don’t have to submit original declarations on honour on exclusion and selection criteria at this stage. Cedefop however reserves the right to ask for the originals when the situation with Covid outbreak is back to normal. This is in line with point 4 of the invitation to tender. The tender report (or submission report) should not be signed. In Annex F it is stated only that a tender report is generated by the e-Submission application once all information and documents have been uploaded.