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The deadline for submission of the tender is extended till 30/10/2020, 2:00 p.m. (CET). Please disregard the deadline to be found in the field "Time limit for receipt of tenders".
EUDOR — Long-term Digital Preservation Services
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Publications Office of the European Union (OP)
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Question details
Annex 10 - PARF
In page 2 of the Annex 10-PARF a description of the project reference covering 1. Description (objectives, etc..), 2. Project/Activity type (development, etc), 3. Explain the relevance of this project for each Sx, 4. Key activities of Service S1, i.e. Ingestion management, Archival storage management, etc. 5. Data Hosting (specify details) All these points require more than one page to be covered with the required quality. According to your instructions our answer needs to be included ONLY in one A4 page, but this is not feasible unless we provide only high level description. We kindly request you to allow us for this section “Description of the project/activity” to use more than 1 A4 page in order to present all the points requested with the proper detail.
In response to your request, please note that the 5th bullet in the section titled ‘Set of Project Activity Reference Forms (PARFs)’ in the ‘Specific requirements’ listed in the table under point 2.6.1 of the tender specifications, should now read as follows: • PARFs must consist of the three (3) pages presented in Annex 10 (all the pages shall be completed) plus the reference letter signed by the client. If necessary, one (1) page can be added to the section dedicated to the ‘Description of the project/activity’ (page No 2 of the PARF form in Annex 10).