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Leasing or Long-term Lease of Vehicles and Associated Services for Frontex Opera...
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European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
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Pytanie do Części 1 - specyfikacja pojazdu / A question concering Lot 1 - vehicle specification
Pojazdy 4 WD/AWD przystosowane do jazdy w terenie. Pkt. 6.1.2. Nadwozie pojazdu - kolor nadwozia. Czy Zamawiający dopuści dodatkowo oprócz koloru srebrnego metalizowanego; pojazdy w kolorze nadwozia (metalizowane lub perłowe): biały, szary i jego odcienie, brązowy i jego odcienie, czarny? Czy Wykonawca składający ofertę może wskazać w formularzu ilość dostępnych (oferowanych) pojazdów w danym kolorze? / 4 WD/AWD off-road vehicles. P. 6.1.2. of ToR Vehicle body - body color. Will the Contracting Authority allow (in addition to the silver metallic color) vehicles in body color (metallized or pearl): white, gray and its shades, brown and its shades, black? Can tenderer submitting the offer indicate in the form the number of available (offered) vehicles in a given color?
The colour of the vehicle is stipulated “light metallic silver” following the requirements of Frontex Corporate Visual Identity (CVI). The Contracting Authority has taken into consideration potential unavailability of an economic operator to provide higher number of vehicles in the required colour. Therefore ToR p.6.1.2 gives the possibility to the provider not to re-paint the proposed vehicles but stipulates that “for a fast delivery the contract authority can accept, based on a previous formal approval, a professional full vehicle wrap with premium metallic silver colour film”. Therefore the contractor may consider to propose any colour of vehicle different from light metallic silver, but wrapped with a professional full vehicle wrap with premium metallic silver colour film.