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Survey on Urban Transport in the Aftermath of the Covid-19 Outbreak: Perceived R...
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Seville (JRC-SVQ)
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survey tasks and deliverables
The list of tasks and related deliverables doesn't seem to include an analysis of data collected. The questionnaires must be processed (Task 4) and results delivered in the form of micro-data (Task 5.5). No Report containing an analysis of the answers and their intrepretation has to be provided, the Final Report having the purpose to present the process followed and possible recommendations. Could you confirm our understanding at the respect?
The Draft Final Report (D6) and Final Report (D7), must include a thorough description on the methodological aspects and technical information of the survey, and present a statistical analysis of the results. These reports must contain aspects relating to the comparison between samples, sub-samples and total population statistics, allowing to gain insight into the research questions (correlations between socio-economic aspects, attitudes and mode choice for example), with a particular emphasis on the reliability offered by the survey and statistical treatment of the collected data in addressing such issues, but should not provide an interpretation of the answers. The TENDER SPECIFICATIONS Part 2: Technical Specifications have been updated accordingly.