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The business case of diversity for enterprises, cities and regions with focus on...
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European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers (JUST)
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Layout and design
Section I.3 states that "All studies produced for the European Commission and Executive Agencies shall conform to the corporate visual identity of the European Commission by applying the graphic rules set out in the European Commission's Visual Identity Manual, including its logo." Does the Commission expect the three reports to be provided fully designed, in which case design costs must be factored in? Or does the Commission expect to layout and design the three reports itself before publication, in which case design costs can bekept to the minimum? Thank you.
For the reports, please use the provided Word template that will be published in the Document library of this call. This document is in line with the Commission's visual identity requirements. If tenderer considers that it might have some budgetary implications it has to account for it in its financial offer.