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Public Procurement Expertise and Support to overall Project Management
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Since the start date of February 2021, foreseen in Timetable form in TAINSTRUCT, until the end date of this contract in September-October 2022, there are less than 440 working days as estimated in TATOR. In such case, could you clarify if those working days could be split to multiple key-experts, or those input days are for 1 expert?
As mentioned in the Timetable form in TAINSTRUCT, the start date of February 2021 is a provisional date. As per ToR, section 5.2, the intended start date is the signature of the contract and the period of implementation of the contract will be 23 months from this date or until the completion of the ONAC PASSA support, i.e. by November 2022. Therefore, the expert will start after the signature of the contract. Also, as per ToR, section 6.1.1, the total input of the key expert is estimated at approx. 440 person-days (i.e. in approx. average 20 working days per 11 months/year for the implementation period of 23 months). Those input days are for 1 expert.