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Housing Exclusion: Problem Tree Analysis and Production of Policy Toolkit
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European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (EMPL)
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Is participation of Swiss legal entities (private sector companies) eligible?
We would like to clarify if legal entities (private sector companies) registered in Switzerland will be eligible to apply for this tender?
We refer to the Tender Specifications under chapter 2.2. ‘It is also open to all natural and legal persons established in a third country which has a special agreement with the European Union in the field of public procurement on the conditions laid down in that agreement. Where the Agreement on Government Procurement concluded within the World Trade Organisation applies, the participation to this call for tenders is open to all natural and legal persons established in the countries that have ratified this Agreement, on the conditions laid down therein.’ As Switzerland has ratified the GPA within WTO, this call for tender is open to its natural and legal persons, on the conditions laid down therein. There is also a bilateral agreement between Switzerland and the EU on public procurement.