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Video and workshop budgets
Under Task 3, you indicate that the estimated maximum budget is 10,000 euros for each workshop and the estimated budget for the video is 15,000 euros. The budget breakdown in Annex 3 presents the costs in terms of members of the project team, rather than specific deliverables. Therefore, is there a particular requirement for how the tenderer should present the budgetary information relating to the video and workshops (to demonstrate that the budget limits have been respected)? Do the budget limits cover all or just certain types of expenditure (e.g. expert fees, travel costs, catering, equipment costs)?
Expenditures must be clearly specified, also according to their type. The outline in Annex 3 only provides for guidance. If project work, e.g. a video, contains different lines of expenditures which do not fit the guidance of the outline in Annex 3, a separate and appropriate breakdown has to be presented in order to prove that the limits have been respected. Fees, etc. are eligible according to the specifications of each task. For example, in Task 3 it is specified: "The travel costs of the participants will not be reimbursed either. Only the speakers' travel and per diem can be reimbursed by the contractor according to the Commission rules, see Annex 10. Catering services may be covered by the contractor." Equipment costs are generally not covered, as they are to be seen as part of the contractor's expertise.