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Housing Exclusion: Problem Tree Analysis and Production of Policy Toolkit
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European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (EMPL)
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Signed documents (Declaration of Honour)
Dear Madam or Sir, we have a logistical question. Is it correct that the Declaration of Honour of each group member must be sent to you by letter, also if the digital document was signed with an qualified digital signature? Furthermore, is it possible that group members send their signed documents separately, or is it required that the documents should be sent together in one envelope? Thank you very much.
Thank you for your query. In case the tenderer (each partner of the consortium and the identified subcontractor(s)) have access to a qualified electronic signature and are able to submit all declarations electronically with the tender, according to the requirements laid down in Annex 1 to the Tender Specifications (see ‘Where to upload’ column), this is acceptable to the European Commission and in that case, no paper version is required. If, however, the former option is not possible (that is, at least one of the partners or identified sub-contractor(s) cannot sign electronically), then the legal representative of the consortium needs to send by land mail the signed and dated paper declarations in one batch.