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Purchase of Drones and Payloads
Contracting authority:
European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
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Question details
Too narrow technical requirements leaving no room for alternative manufacturers.
This tender's technical requirements are clearly tailored to the DJI M300 series multicopter, the DJI H20 series camera, the DJI CrystalSky tablet and etc. It leaves no room for any alternative equipment that fills required technical specifications. We are concerned to submitting a bid based on DJI equipment. DJI has very recently been blacklisted for US components sourcing (see link for article). DJI depends on US FLIR thermal sensors and other US components, so it might no longer be able to provide equipment matching with this tender. This poses a real concern for contract fulfillment. How will this be considered by the contracting authority?
All types of drones and payloads serving the functions listed in the “Annex II -Technical Specifications” are allowed to be offered, in line always with the requirements described in the tender documentation. The foreseen use scenario is described under the section “3.4. Intended use scenario” of the “Annex II - Technical Specifications”. The contracting authority, during the evaluation phase, will assess under the exclusion and eligibility criteria whether an exclusion situation exists for any of the tenderers or subcontractors, in line with the applicable financial framework, and if the tenderers fulfil the eligibility requirements.