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Preparatory Action — Roma Civil Monitoring — Strengthening Capacity and Involvem...
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European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers (JUST)
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Submission receipt problem
We have submitted our bid and received an email confirming the submission. However there seems to be a problem with EC portal as the link to the submission receipt does not work and the receipt cannot be downloaded (it says: “The requested resource was not found.”). We have reported this issue to the help desk, but it has not been resolved so far. As the deadline is close we need to know if the submission is considered successful (despite the fact the portal has not issued the submission receipt) or we need to resubmit our bid. Thank you.
We have submitted your message to the helpdesk. In the meantime, you may try going directly to the F&T portal in the “My Submission(s)” section, click on the “Action” button next to the submission and then select “View Receipt” from the menu (please refer to page 13 of this Quick Guide for more instructions). You can also find the notification in the “Notification(s)” section in the F&T portal (please refer to page 13 of this Quick Guide for more instructions).