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Please note that the opening date has been postponed to 06/04. Corrigendum under publication.
Provision of Banking Services
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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
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Third party involved in the execution of the contract.
We represent a legal entity which is the instrumental company, belonging to a Banking Group of which we’re the parent company, the subsidiary is set up for the purpose of providing support and services related to operations and information technology in favor of Group companies, and it may replace the mother company in the execution of certain activities covered by the contract. We therefore ask you to confirm that our subsidiary has to be considered "third party involved in the execution of the contract" pursuant to article II.8.4 of the contract, and it is sufficient to indicate in the offer that the subsidiary is a “third party” as required by art. II.10.1 of the contract, without the need to produce documentation signed by the subsidiary legal representative.
I this case, the subsidiary, (if not directly member of a consortium tendering on the call for tender) has to be considered as subcontractor and the requirements for subcontractors are applicable. In case the subsidiary would be a consortium member, requirements for consortium members are applicable. For further information on consortium and subcontracting please refer also to the tender specifications and guidelines for tenderers.