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Operation of Canteen for EASO
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European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA)
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English (en)
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Value of the contract
In the tender specifications it is stated that the Estimated Concession Value for this Concession Contract (total estimated turnover of Contractor for the operation of the canteen over a period of 4 years), is that of €1,600,000.00 excluding VAT. Whilst acknowledging that this value is for indication purposes only, can you kindly elaborate on which basis was that amount calculated?
It is stressed that the of amount €1,600,000.00 excluding VAT is indicated as the total estimated turnover of Contractor for the operation of the canteen over a period of 4 years. This amount serves as indication only and EASO does not guarantee any minimum turnover or volume of consumption. The revenue will depend solely on the customers’ decision for using the canteen services and there is no guarantee on the side of EASO on any minimum volumes/revenue under the contract. The operating risk is transferred to the contractor (concession contract). Please refer to point 1.7. as well as point 1.6. of Tender Specification Part 1: Administrative Specifications. This indicated amount has been calculated taking into account consumption under the current FWC (consumption of 2019 taken as a representative year- see Annex 4 -table indicating the sales at the canteen for the full year 2019) allowing also for an increase in EASO staff and other personnel, without taking into account any possible reductions due to COVID-19. As indicated in point 1.2. of Tender Specification Part 2: Technical Specifications as of September 2020, EASO staff counts around 360 staff members at the Malta Head Quarters (EASO HQ or EASO premises), expected to progressively increase to reach around 500 staff by 2022. On average there are circa 15 staff of external contractors, such as cleaning and maintenance contractors per day, who would also purchase from the canteen.