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Acquisition d'accessoires pour badges
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Council of the European Union
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Some questions
Dear Sirs, here below my questions: 1) It is not totally clear from the document Tender Specifications, what is the deadline to submit the samples. Is it the same deadline for submitting the tender offer, i.e. the 25/05? 2) is there any time limit to submit questions? 3) Can the items also be slightly differ to the ones requested? It might be possible that some articles that you used before were specifically made by a factory and not be so common. 4) under the list mentioned can you give a list (possibly total) of the other items that you might need over 4 years. Also it would be extremely helpful to know the quantity for each item. Thank you
1. The samples must be transmitted within the same deadline as the offers in accordance with section 1.13 of the Tender specifications. The means of transmission of samples are described in section 1.13 of the Tender specifications. Only samples may be transmitted as indicated in section 1.13 of the Tender specifications. 2. In accordance with point 25.2 of Annex 1 to the Financial Regulation, “The contracting authority shall not be bound to reply to requests for additional information made less than six working days before the deadline for receipt of tenders.” Nevertheless, if clarifications are needed it would be strongly recommended to ask your questions as soon as possible. 3. No, the items cannot differ from the ones requested, as their use is linked to standard material already in use. 4. The quantities quoted in the Annex IV are the best reasonable estimation on the totals over 4 years. Nevertheless please bear in mind the provisions of point V.2 Financial evaluation of Tender specifications 'The cost-calculation model will be used for the purpose of comparing the financial offers and will not under any circumstances constitute a contractual obligation on the part of the contracting authority.'