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An evaluation study of national procedural laws and practices in terms of their ...
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European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers (JUST)
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Under point II.10.6 of the draft service Contract (Annex 5) it says: "By delivering the results the contractor warrants that the creators undertake not to oppose that their names be recalled when the results are presented to the public and confirms that the results can be divulged. Names of authors shall be recalled on request in the manner communicated by the contractor to the contracting authority." Is it compatible with the terms of the contract that the contractor, which is a legal entity or a consortium of legal entities, guarantees to the principal creators that they will figure as authors and be named as such in the publication?
From your question, we do not see an incompatibility with art. II.10.6. The status of the contractor has no bearing on the obligation to recognise and publish, if so required, the names of any authors whose work is used in the activities and results presented under the study. And the word "recall' needs to be understood as 'divulgated'/'mentioned'. To assist you please find the French translation of the section of the respective article to which this question refers: "Les noms des auteurs sont mentionnés sur demande selon les modalités communiquées par le contractant au pouvoir adjudicateur".