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Providing support to the assessment of the Water Framework Directive and Floods ...
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European Commission, DG ENV+CLIMA
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English (en)
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Service Contract
Clause II.1.1 of the contract conditions requires a performance by the consultant to the highest professional standards. The standard care imposed on consulting engineers is to carry out their services with “reasonable skill and care”. A requirement to perform to the highest professional standards is not insurable. Please can the European Commission confirm that it agrees that “the Consultant shall exercise and will continue to exercise in the performance of the services, the degree of reasonable skill, care and diligence having regard to current knowledge, information and good practice which is to be expected of a consultant, who is fully experienced, qualified and competent to perform like services for commissions relating to matters or projects of a similar size, type, scope, complexity to, and monetary value of, the commission or project to which the services relates.” If not please could the European Commission clarify why not?
The contractor must provide services that meet the highest quality standards, in accordance with the provisions of the contract and in particular the tender specifications. This expression is used as a standard in Commission model contracts. Such change is not acceptable.