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Purchase of data on ‘Tariffs’ and ‘Procedures and formalities’ for the Commissio...
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European Commission, DG Trade (TRADE)
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Terms of Reference – Delivery Date (Timing)/Answer to Question 11
Question 11 (Content Database) of this Call for tenders question list regarding the need to deliver new datasets has been answered as follows: “The licence for the current datasets allows the use of the current datasets until 31th december 2015 plus 3 months. The new contractor is invited to provide new datasets by the 31th december 2015.“ Whilst it is absolutely clear that the new contractor is to deliver new complete datasets for every single lot he may be awarded, the above indication of the delivery date may give rise to a doubt. In Point 5 on Timing (page 16) of these Terms of Reference it is stated that … “In order to guarantee that the data will be published in the Market Access Database as from 1 January 2016, the data must be technically adjusted and ready to be validated for the Market Access Database no later than 14 December 2015.“ Is, in this context, the above answer to question 11 to be read in a way that on 31 December 2015 the datasets under the old contract shall be removed from production whilst the new complete datasets under the new contract will be put into production, which however, to this end have to be delivered by 14 December 2015 at the latest?
Yes, this is correct.