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Study on Feeding Strategies to Diversify the Protein Sources Used in Different L...
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European Commission, DG Agriculture and Rural Developement (AGRI)
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Request for deadline extension
Dear Madam/Sir, We would like to draw to your attention to the serious challenges posed by the official deadline for the call, due to the fact that in most Member States offices will be closed or just re-opened at the time set for the submission. We deem this condition risks to greatly limit the possibility to prepare competitive and comprehensive tenders for a so wide and complex study and makes it extremely difficult, or outright impossible – at least in some Member States - to prepare all the documentation needed for the administrative dossier of the offer. For the above reasons, we kindly ask you to consider the possibility to postpone the deadline for the call by indicatively 4 weeks, thus allowing a wider competition and more possibilities to submit high quality offers from different countries. Thank you in advance for your attention and possible help on this, Kind Regards
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