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Supply, installation and maintenance of 2 battery storage systems - 2 lots.
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC)
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Request for clarifications on the Technical Specifications
At the point D14 page 6 is defined the container in which the batteries will be installed, but it is not specified whether it may be possible to install inside the container also the AC/DC converter. This solution differs from what is shown in Figure 1 page 4, involving a cable of 40 m at the output of the subsystem converter. Is it possible a technical solution of this type or the diagram in Figure 1 should be followed?
The AC/DC converter must not be in the same container with the batteries. The container is located outside the building and the AC/DC converter inside the building in a maximum distance of 40 m. Batteries shall be connected to the AC/DC converter with a DC cable, as shown in Figure 1. The converter AC/D does not need to be in a container. A secure cabinet is sufficient.