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Multiple Framework Contract for the Procurement of Economic Studies and Better R...
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European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs...
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Case Study Lot1
Regarding the case study for Lot 1, there are two tasks. After both task descriptions in the document, it says the following after both tasks: - The organisation of the work, including a work plan, the proposed team for carrying out the tasks (based on the table in Annex 7), project management and quality control measures. - A financial proposal for the hypothetical case study by completing the table in Annex 6. Do I understand correctly that we should only submit one “organization of the work, work plan etc” and one “financial proposal”, i.e. covering the organization and budget for carrying out both tasks? Or should we prepare one “organization” and one “financial proposal” for each task?
Your understanding is correct: one “organization of the work, work plan etc.” and one “financial proposal” is needed for carrying out the two tasks.