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Supply, installation and maintenance of 2 battery storage systems - 2 lots.
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC)
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packaging lot 2
In the document "Draft Contract supply and maintenance" on page 11 section II.1.7, relative point (a). It defines the mode of packaging of the equipment. In particular, it requires that the packages of the equipment should not exceed 500kg. This value is in conflict with the application of the system installed in 20-foot container, which exceeds the weight limit. Is the weight limit considered on the whole supply or only to any spare parts? Is it possible therefore to delete from the document, the phrase "shall not weigh more than 500kg"?
By derogation to the provisions of the article II.1.7. "General provisions concerning supplies", the limit of 500 kg mentioned at the point II.1.7 (a) will not apply to the contract. A new article will be introduced in the Special Conditions of the Contract and an updated version of the Draft Contract will be published shortly.