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Supply, installation and maintenance of 2 battery storage systems - 2 lots.
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC)
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Control room
According to the responses we have already received, the control system (PCS, transformer and parallel AC switchboard to the network) is in a room about 40 m from the batteries container (which is outside the building). Once installing the aforementioned components in the technical [control] room, it will require a system of air extraction unless [in case] the room does not have an extended [enough] volume with a minimum exchange. We request the characteristics of the room and if necessary [possible] the type of walls in order to make the appropriate openings and ventilations considered necessary
For lot 2, the size of the room that will host the control systems is shown in the Annex 1. However, the control room equipment will not be placed deliberately all over the place, but it shall be placed in a protected cabinet, not necessarily container, (second container may be used) which actually isolates the control equipment from the rest of the area. The ventilation of the cabinet shall be done according to the specifications and the existing safety standards. The size of the opening depends on the area required to ventilate, which, in this case, is the cabinet containing all the control equipment.