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Pricing Form Clarification Questions
Hello, We have some questions regarding Annex B - the Pricing Form. 1. Where it outlines an "all-inclusive lump sum for travel and accommodation for rate B in case of on-site delivery" is this per faculty/facilitator, per day? Or for the whole project? Without knowing the exact number of days to be delivered onsite vs. virtual it would be hard to estimate for the whole project at this stage. 2. We would often recommend to use a minimum of 2 facilitators for maximum impact, particularly at senior levels - is the daily rate (column c) per facilitator or should we enter a total cost, however many are present? 3. Our supply of assessments, diagnostics, psychometrics, e-learning licenses is ordered through our bureau service at a per item cost rather than an hourly rate and would depend on the final tools use. Where can we capture these costs on the sheet? Are these agreed aside from this pricing agreement? 4. Finally, is G1, G2, G3 and G4 for the administration, procurement and management aspect of the supply of tools, e-learning content, support aids and booking of specific people rather than the items/products/speaker costs themselves? Thank you.
1. This lump sum is per delivery day and per facilitator, as mentioned under section 4.3 Rate C. 2. As mentioned under section 4.3 Rate B, by default the EIB requires one facilitator. See footnote 4. 3. In case the assessment tool is an integral part of the learning experience, the price should be included in the design daily rate (Rate A). In case the assessment tool is a follow up tool then it will be considered as supplementary service. In this case, the cost of a tool will be reimbursed to the service provider against invoices and/or other relevant documentation, subject to prior approval by the EIB. And any additional administrative effort will be covered according to rate G1( Annex B Pricing Form Part 2). 4. Please refer to section 3.11. The provision of these services will be paid at the maximum hourly rate, whereas costs to be paid to third parties will be reimbursed against invoices and/or relevant documentation, subject to prior approval by EIB.